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About Us

We're driven by our mission to build a thriving network of regenerative communities around the world.

BIOM is a full-service property branding and visualization agency specializing in the sustainable real estate and hospitality industries.

Our name reflects our intention to not only create beautiful spaces, but to create living ecosystems that allow humans, wildlife, plants, & fungi to flourish.

Our team is a unique blend of strategic thinkers, architects, designers and artists, supported by experts in real-estate, hospitality management and sales.

Who We Are

We envision more than just spaces; we create thriving ecosystems. We start each project by asking “How can we craft homes and communities that people love - places that people call home.” Our approach is holistic, seamlesly integrating a wide range of elements into a highly-functional unified experience that fosters a connection between humans and nature.

A Whole Systems Approach

We are committed to environmental stewardship and regenerative design. Our aim is to rapidly restore natural ecosystems and regenerate the environment, leaving it better than we found it.



At BIOM, we embrace biomimicry, drawing inspiration from nature's ingenious designs to create sustainable, efficient living spaces that harmonize with the environment.



BIOM crafts immersive environments that foster connection and wonder through meticulously designed, sensory-rich spaces & experiences.



Our design philosophy is deeply holistic, intertwining environmental mindfulness, community engagement, and creative innovation to craft spaces that harmonize with both nature and human experience.



From the grandest of architectural structures to the tiniest hidden surprises, Our environments are richly layered, capturing the essence of time, place, and culture.



We acknowledge the ripple effect of every action we take and how it will affect future generations.



We aim to revolutionize the way sustainable spaces are perceived, experienced, and inhabited.

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