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Property visualization & branding  for sustainable places

We create stunning visualizations and brands for regenerative neighborhoods and eco retreat centers who want to do things differently.


Through an innovative approach to design, visualization and strategy we help our clients craft world class destinations.

Who We Serve

From Regenerative neighborhoods to ecovillages and intentional communities, we help sustainable residential developments create a compelling identity and a beautiful place to live, work & play.

Regenerative Communities


We help sustainable retreat centers, hotels, and resorts to deliver an immersive brand experience that delights guests and grows a loyal community of repeat travelers.

Eco Hospitality


For creators of cutting-edge environments, whether it's experiential installations, innovative retail spaces, or virtual reality realms, we excel in crafting experiences that captivate and resonate, leaving a lasting impression on your visitors and community members.

Immersive Spaces


A full suite of in depth branding and visualization services to bring your dream to life.


Seamlessly weaving together strategy, branding, and 3D visualization to transform community spaces around the world


At BIOM, we take a strategic approach to everything we do. Every project begins by laying out a clear strategy for the brand,  meticulously examining the key elements that define your unique identity.



BIOM elevates brands and crafts immersive multi-sensory experiences that strengthen sales efforts and build community loyalty. From pitch decks and custom websites to signage and logo design, we offer a holistic suite of brand solutions.



Immerse stakeholders in your vision with our cutting-edge 3D architectural visualization services, transforming concepts into captivating visual narratives that breathe life into your projects.

Architectural Rendering


A Holistic Approach

Our approach blends biomimetic principles and holistic strategies, harmonizing natural systems with emergent technologies.

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